Lower Back Pain

#001: Prevent and Relieve Lower Back Pain Across Everything You Do

How to prevent lower back pain by shifting your office & car sitting habits, your arm & leg work, and the mindset required to do that. Plus a lying down procedure for lower back pain relief.

For people suffering from chronic lower back pain and bodywork professionals.

A complete in-depth session for people who seek to relieve lower back pain, including bodywork professionals that want to avoid this common problem.

Here’s the complete session in a 45 minute YouTube video – the video has chapters you can jump to, according to the topics you’ll find following the video.

Topics I cover in this session:


0:04 The MINDSET you need in order to solve chronic lower back pain (LBP).
How can you ground your process of healing into improving daily habits and patterns that appear all across the body?

2:34 What is chronic pain and what is the practical way to approach it?

Pain and tension Relief

3:26 RELIEF I – How can you relieve pain by using the lying down procedure? A demonstration of the 1st and 2nd forms of lying down.

1st form of lying down to relieve lower back pain.
1st form of lying for back pain & stress relief

6:09 RELIEF II – A demonstration of the 3rd form of lying down to relieve lower back pain, especially good for acute lower back pain. Including the upper back shift to relieve pain and undo any twisting of the body to the right or to the left.

LBP relief technique - lying down
3rd form of lying down + releasing upper back strain from the lower back.

Improve your Sitting Habits (desk)

15:40 OFFICE CHAIR Improve your sitting habits in order to avoid lower back pain. Understand the causes for lower back pain while sitting, find your natural lower back arch, use the seat’s back rest without compromising your spine health.

good sitting habits in your desk chair - a major influence on low back pain.
Desk chair sitting habit: finding your sitting bones and aiming up.

Improve your Sitting Habits (driving/car)

21:25 CAR SEAT Improve your driving sitting habits to avoid LBP – Controlling your spine and torso in when you’re to the driving wheel – Adjusting your car seat and back rest.

Car seats are challenging for lower back pain - but possible to improve.
Car seats are challenging for your lower back – but possible to improve.


24:37 Is exercise a good solution to LBP? Connection compared to detachment from our daily activities and bodily habits. What is the proper role of exercise in modern sedentary life?

Arm-work and Lower Back Pain

30:00 ARM-WORK How to prevent LBP when you’re working with your arms? Specific instructions for bodyworkers and everyone that works with his/her arms, and/or leans on objects and doesn’t want LBP as a result.

Leg-work and Lower Back Pain

34:37 LEG-WORK How to Prevent LBP when you’re working with your legs? How can you tilt forward and backward without causing lower back pain?

Prevent lower back pain when doing any kind of leg work.
Arm work that does not create LBP.

39:20 LEG-WORK LUNGE Using the well-known lunge as to improve your leg-torso habit and avoid LBP.

42:24 SUMMING UP A mindset for progress.

What’s next?

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By Yoav Taler

A body-mind professional based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Qualified Alexander Technique teacher, Qigong, Pilates, Gym instructor, Traditional Chinese Medicine therapist.

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